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OCEAN GenRap 2006 Milestone 10

  • Publisher:Michal Grabowski
  • Version:2006 Milestone 10
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OCEAN GenRap 2006 Milestone 10Description

OCEAN GenRap is a completely new reporting and data analysis solution.
OCEAN GenRap is a completely new reporting and data analysis solution. OCEAN GenRap is created by a powerful report generating engine connected with an innovative report editor designed specially for regular users. Therefore it allows you to share the ability to modify, create reports and carry out simple business analysis with managers, salesmen, consultants and other employees having access to data, but lacking programming skills. Reporting engineOCEAN GenRap SDK contains a Runtime component. OCEAN GenRap Runtime component can be built in any application to provide reporting capabilities. Simple programming API, support for popular RDBMS servers and ODBC sources, various output formats (including PDF, Postscript, HTML and XLS), no charge and availability for J2SE and .NET platform are its great advantages. Ad-hoc reportingIntegrating Runtime component into an application allows you also to communicate with the OCEAN GenRap. It's a next generation office tool with a text editor interface and advanced user friendly data access, which makes reporting and analyzing data much faster and simpler. Because there is no SQL language knowledge needed to operate OCEAN GenRap, the system can be used for ad - hoc reporting and providing at - once data analysis on a company scale. Increased market share and audience reachSystem integrated with or using OCEAN GenRap can be utilized in a wider range. Reports, analysis and printouts can not only be generated as static html pages, pdf files or physical printouts. They can also be edited. All reports based on OCEAN GenRap can be modified in both ranges - the logical layer, and the appearance. Key benefit in this group is that the process of modification of reports can be carried out by regular users without proper programming skills. From now on, creating report is not reserved only to IT staff members with SQL language and database technologies knowledge. Every employee familiar with e.g. MS Word and MS Excel will be able to easily: - modify the appearance of the report, including font changing, colors, moving elements across the document, arranging elements on the report, - modify the logic of the report by one-click grouping, sorting and filtering data listing or drag-and-drop adding fields from the user friendly data schema, - create sophisticated reports without proper knowledge of SQL language and database technologies. Thanks to OCEAN GenRap, reporting capabilities can be made available to every user of the application, increasing effectiveness and reducing costs of report preparation.What's New in This Release:· This release added charts, support for importing RTF documents, recognition of pervasive PSQL data types in ODBC, and more.

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